Handmade Gifts for Weddings

Choosing some souvenirs to give to your guests is a very important task. Often, we don't quite know what to do with this issue. We all remember the details that were given before... They ended up collecting dust on a shelf or worse, in the trash.

But this situation has changed. In recent years the trend has been giving way to Handmade gifts, or handmade. Much more beautiful and where quality and good taste are noticed and most importantly, your guests notice it.

The ideal is to look for something that is functional and beautiful in equal parts. Your guests should be able to remember that important day in someone's life every time they use it. That they remember you and that they can recall moments of that special date. I can help you make everything you've read so far come true.

Regalos Handmade para tu Boda
Regalos Handmade para tu Boda
Regalos Handmade para tu Boda

According to your tastes, or those of your guests, I can offer you two alternatives: hand-printed toiletry bags of different sizes and sewn in a 100% handmade way. Or hand-painted silver and wood earrings with geometric motifs that give a fresh and youthful touch.

You can play with colors, patterns, shapes or fabrics almost as you want. My mission here is that you are happy with the result. Let your guests know it and show off your detail with pride.

Get in touch with me through the form that you will find right here below and we will talk about the details without any kind of commitment. I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas.